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Hi everyone!
This is a fantasy world :) Here you will find interesting stories, new universies, amazing heroes and mind blowing ideas. Content is organized in books, chapters, heroes and riddles. Check latest stories here: Recent Stories Check books here: Recent Books

At the moment I'm working on my last projects: In general, I'm interested in new technologies, space exploration, natural intelligence and artificial stupidity. Feel free to participate in the idea. My (nick)name is John( or Ivan).

The stories used in this website are inspired by people artworks or novelties in tech world. Some ideas are made as predictions while other tend to be wishes of the author for the bright future. If any of the stories inspire you feel free to share, continue or make artwork on it.

A huge thanks to All contributors and fantasyans for allowing us to be part of this fantasy world. When using this website, have in mind that this is not a simple book, but a new way creative book ecosystem. Where you can be not only the reader but also the inspirational spark.

If you are not able to create a book, image, song then you can just share your ideas for the future or just join out community at Fantasyan Community .

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