Let your fantasy break the limits


Summary Fiction

A team of strangers decide to follow and find the lucky star - legendary space object proven to make your dreams a reality.

Book Comet Hunter

In a solo adventure, Plato attempts to find the "lucky star". It's an old legend about mystic space phenomena appearing each decade in an area of his star system ? best known as golden valley ? because of the old mines and the gold diggers. Most of its witness reports came from a distant moon with abandoned military base and mines. At the base, Plato meet another adventurer which plan a huge exploring mission and invite all brave people to join. He explain to him that ?lucky star? is just a city legend and invite him to explore new areas of the space which are not visited by human foot yet.

The Stories

Comet Hunter
T. E. Savage

Spaceship Graveyard
T. E. Savage

Invisible City
T. E. Savage

Mysterious Cloud
T. E. Savage