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Summary Fiction

Androida and Pax Mutanta ? in the late 21 century ? the humans divided into several big fractions (after unsucceful global union) ? the tech one become the biggest and most powerful controlling the energy sources and expanding the space. The Pax Mutanta begin with doctor Zi who gift humans with super power abilities ? strength, fire invulnerability, self regeneration. The rest of the humans were separate and used like workers and colonial work power. This awakens leaders of the spirit humans in order to defend their freedom.

Book Pax Mutanta

The spirit army begins training with the mysterious ancient hooded person, experimenting with new powers and skills. The place is unknown, most probably in the mountain in Asia. The year is most probably 2107 and the world is divided on fractions and zones. Most powerful fractions are: Androida, Pax Mutanta and Spriters

The Stories

Spiriters the beginning
T. E. Savage

The Hooded Woman
T. E. Savage