Let your fantasy break the limits

T. E. Savage Spiriters the beginning

Image Water town 2 by IvanLaliashvili

We drink our power from the spirit pool, We follow one leader and a single rule: Mind beats strength, spirit beats the mind, Open yourself and you'll find..

Androida and Pax Mutanta – in the late 21 century – the humans divided into several big fractions (after unsuccessful global union) – the tech one become the biggest and most powerful controlling the energy sources and expanding the space. The Pax Mutanta begin with doctor Zi who gift humans with super power abilities – strength, fire invulnerability, self regeneration. The rest of the humans were separate and used like workers and colonial work power. This awakens leaders of the spirit humans in order to defend their freedom.

The feeling of dread hung in the air as the Spriter Tribunal gathered to see what might be done. Theirs was a kingdom as old as recorded history and a place many thought would always remain untouched by even the greatest of calamity. However, the war at large had grown out of control and there were currently very few who thought it would long hold. The tribunal met as it had in many times but now with a foreboding air of haste. Envoys from all of the castes of the Spriters had been summoned and they met in the grand hall of spirit. Inside a long table had been set and around it was gathered all of those who might offer a solution to the situation at hand. They were a council of those who led factions within the Spiriters, they were the most powerful and the most influential. “I welcome you all here.” Paul, the Spirit Master said, he was the leader of the tribunal and a tall strong man in fine robes and ceremonial armor. “Normally I would not expect you all to gather here at one table but given the circumstances we all can agree there is little alternative.” “The android and mutant hordes seem unstoppable!” A stern Spriter warrior interrupted from the side. “Were I not fearing utter defeat from it I would not be here…especially at the same table with…some of the people here.” “I like it no more than you.” A robed Spriter in scholarly robes offered from the other side of the table. “There are people here that would just assume fight to the death than talk.” “Funny really.” A thin man interjected, he was dressed in traveling clothes and did not match anyone at the table. “How people who are usually so lost in their own importance can throw it off when it affects them in a way they cannot reconcile.” The table erupted in arguments as the thinly veiled tensions between them began to come out. It escalated faster and faster, threatening violence at any time. “Silence all of you!” Paul shouted. “We are the Spiriter council and we once met just like this all as brothers and sisters. I realize our various sects and our ideals do not always match but we must do as our ancestors have done before us! We will all fall if you resort to your petty squabbling at this time! I know many of you have much blame to lay on the others, much to sort and, much to be dealt with. However, this is not the time and I will have none of it here. We speak of the task at hand and nothing more.” “What is the point?” A council member asked. “We are being punished by the elder spirits and all we can do is brace for it. They have forsaken these lands and it caused the rise of the mutants and blasted androids.” “I do not agree.” The stern man replied. “We are strong peoples, even the most wayward…we must fight, the elder spirits be damned.” “Will blasphemy avail us?” The scholar asked. “This is a time for reason and not one for blame.” “We are all strong and diverse groups but we are all united under the banner of the Spriters.” Paul replied. “We are strong apart but we must come together and strengthen all as a hole. Such is the responsibility of all that can do to those below and around them.” “Such flowery nonsense.” The thin man offered. “Even you claim to be so high and mighty are guilty of the same of anyone here. The same deception, the same corruption. None here can profess innocence in front of the other.” “That is not the point!” Paul shouted as he slammed his hands onto the table. “Whatever I or anyone here is guilty of is immaterial. These monsters are not a punishment from the gods but it might as well be. We need to fight them and to do that we need to start discussing the solution.” “You speak as though you have one.” The scholar asked. “For my people have been studying these fell opponents as long as anyone else and it seems that no matter the protection, no matter the ideas all that is left is violence and death.” “I have consulted many and we have both the source of the blight and a possible solution.” Paul admitted. “Though I know that none here are ready to hear either.” “I care not of this fear-mongering.” The stern man replied. “I came here looking for a way to fight and just tell me how to do it.” “I hate to agree with him…” The scholar replied. “But he is right. We all came here for a solution and are ready to follow it.” All eyes seemed to look to the thin man as he proved the voice of skepticism He looked around and sighed. “All right let’s hear it.” Paul nodded, seeming to be encouraged that people were more galvanized…at least enough to listen. “These androids and mutants may seem to be sentient but they are indeed free of reasoning. As is as speculated they are driven by of pure evil. They are beyond politics, beyond mercy, and are driven by a malevolent will of an ancient evil older than these lands themselves.” “How do we fight such an evil?” One of the council member asked, fear plain on his voice. “Especially when we are struggling to hold their minions at bay. “In the only was possible.” Paul replied. “To fight it we must understand it and to do so we need to bring it to human form. We must find a way to draw this evil forward and out it in a form we can vanquish.” “To vanquish an understandable foe…” The scholar added. “Knowledge is the most powerful weapon.” “Exactly!” Paul reaffirmed. “We have a plan on how to do this!” “How?” The stern man replied, his normally strong voice showing signs of uncertainty. “We must let the evil possess one of us.” Paul replied as if it were a simple thing. “Only then can we find it’s weakness, only then can we have a hope to defeat it. It has to be one of us…for we are the only ones strong enough to provide a host that will last long enough for us to find a solution.” “Oh, is that all?” The thin man asked in a mocking tone. “You want one of us to volunteer to do this?” “Our very spirit would be banished forever!” The scholar added. “It is the ultimate price you would ask.” “Would you offer yourself for this?” The stern man asked. “Would you ask of one of us nothing you would offer yourself for?” “I cannot.” Paul admitted. “I have much to do with the plans and am needed to see it through.” “Seems convenient.” The thin man suggested. “So, it falls to one of us?” The table erupted in arguments, most trying to convince another and offer excuses to why they themselves could not do it. The Spirit Master looked over the room, seeing all of the connection and setting aside of differences begin to rapidly fade. “I will do it!” A Spriter warrior said as she stood up from the other end of the table. “She was tall and broad in well-worn armor worn over fine robes. “I will take this burden so no one else has to.” “No!” The stern man shouted. “Talia, you are one of the strongest of us…we will need you in what is to come.” “This is not an offer I will be talked out of.” Talia responded. “I would not have offered if I had any doubt in my mind to see it through.” “No one wants it to be you.” The scholar added. “Though we spoke of few here liking the other, you are one who has proved your integrity and honor. It cannot be you.” “Agreed.” The thin man chimed in. “Another will be chosen, please sit down.” “No!” The Talia insisted. “I have offered where none of you would not. I will not have this choice be thrust upon an unwilling subject. If loosing myself will make you all and the millions that follow you work to save everyone then I will offer it,” The entire council looked to Paul as if he were to talk her out of it or confirm it. Paul let out a long sigh. “It shall be done. We must all now work to make sure her sacrifice is not in vain.” The table stayed silent, no argument, no gripe seeming important enough to mention. There was indeed much to be done and things would get much worse before the end. Overlooking a grand forest in a perch that used to house a great road that connected trade from two long gone kingdoms rested an outpost. It had high stone walls and though few of the finer details remained its strong stonework and architecture remained. Mostly forgotten, this place was not on many maps. However, with the threats of hordes of mutants and androids looming it would hold a new purpose, a new outpost against the darkness. Paul walked through the courtyard, he was still dressed in his fine armor and robes of the tribunal but the polish and splendor were long lost. He had been through much battle and his powers and weapons had been very much put to the test. He looked around the place, seeming to not see its dilapidated state, but the potential involved. It was not the magical city he had once called home, but it would have to do. “Once our ancestors held this place as a line against the darkness, I can only hope it still holds this power.” “History of this place has finished being written Paul.” A young man in black and gold armor said as he walked behind the Spriter master. He had long black hair with a white streak. His face was clean shaven, showing off his sharp features. “We might have a few pages to add to it yet.” “Well said Marc.” Paul agreed with a smile as he walked over to embrace the man’s shoulder. “I thank you for coming to meet me here in these…most chaotic times.” “Such is the way of things now it seems.” Marc replied. “I had not heard many things from the council in months. I feared the worst” “We might have the worst yet.” Paul replied with a sigh. “Is your brother with you?” “Where else would I be?” A tall and broad-shouldered man called out as he approached from the side. He had short cropped white hair and was dressed in armor similar to his brother. “Though now that I am here I realize this place does have a resonance to it, from here you can sense the whole mountain.” “Well we are one of very few on it Luca.” Paul replied. “There is not very much to see at the moment.” “Not yet.” A voice called from atop one of the walls. As the others watched a tall lithe woman with vibrant red hair leapt down. He had the sharp features, a well-muscled body was dressed in leather armor. On his back was a full quiver and longbow. She reached out an arm and a falcon landed on it, clutching on the thick leather glove of his master. “But I would think that if we are meeting here and not the council then we might need such a place.” “Rika!” Alkon said with a grin, clasping hands with the woman’s free arm. “I’m glad you could make it. Any word from the others? “There are not many of us left.” Rika admitted. “Most of the castes of the Spriters were hit very hard in the betrayal. There are others but they are regrouping. They eagerly await your plans.” “Is it as bad as that?” Marc asked. “We have been in the frozen northlands and heard it was bad.”

“It is much worse that you could imagine.” Paul responded with a grave sigh. “Well then explain it to us.” Luca added. “If we have much work to do we need not waste time waiting for an explanation.” “Of course.” Paul said with a nod, taking a deep breath before beginning. “Six weeks ago, I gathered the Spiriter Tribunal…which might end up being for the last time. I had seen evidence that a dark force was guiding the mutants and androids. This seemed a reasonable explanation for their unbridled ambition and violence. “I had wondered similar myself.” Marc commented. “These beings which once were human seem to hold little reason now.” “Though this is true it was part of a grand deception.” Paul continued. “Other Spriters and I came to the conclusion that we must draw this dark force into a host so we might find a way to vanquish it. We held a ritual and drew the evil into the body of a Spriter warrior named Talia. This was however, exactly what the dark force wanted. In a Spiriter body they were not venerable, in fact much stronger. The dark host killed most of the council, leading a massive host of androids and mutants at the command of the mutant lord Ferix and his vile general Paxo into the Spiriter castle. We fought as long as we could but we were no match for this treachery.” “The Spriter castle has fallen?” Luca asked in shock. “I knew we took a hit but did not imagine it was that much of one.” “Our ranks have been decimated.” Rika added. “It was a brilliant move on the part of the enemy. With the council gathered it was all too easy to destroy most of the sect leaders and cripple the Spiriter leadership.” “I was remiss to abandon my home.” Paul commented. “But someone needed to get out and rally what forces we have left if we are to have any chance to strike back.” “An unfortunate reality” Rika agreed. “Though we have been dealt a mighty blow we still have much power at our disposal. The Spriters will not fall to such tainted evil.” “The Spriters have been a beacon of light and justice for untold generations.” Paul replied. “We have faced threats like this before and prevailed. Though things now seem increasingly dark we must regroup focus our efforts.” “I would imagine it is far more complicated than simply regrouping.” Marc said as he put his hands on his hips. “If this was a battle that could be won with pure numbers and force we would have already defeated them.” “You are very right I am afraid.” Rika said with a slow nod. “These mutants and androids are nothing new, it is their society and the driving force. Paul was wrong about the host but we indeed do need to focus on the source, this dark power.” “But how?” Luca asked. “We gathered here are a mix of the best but myself and my brother are far less experienced. What would you imagine that this small group could do…other than wait for the others to rejoin?” “We need a weapon.” Paul replied with a bold smile. “One immune to the corruption of the dark forces and that will strike fear into mutant and android both as it smites them down.” “You speak of the Spriter Hammer?” Rika asked as she looked to Paul.” “One and the same.” Paul said with a smile. “I know where it is!” “I always thought it a myth.” Rika admitted. “What is the Spriter Hammer?” Marc asked. “I have not heard of such a weapon.” Before Paul even had a chance to answer a savage cry rang through the air. The group instinctively drew their swords and looked as a horde of misshapen monstrous beasts and robotic minions charged toward the ancient keep. The group formed a defensive line, covering each other’s flanks so they could not b surrounded. Paul lead the defense, drawing a mighty sword from his back and channeling Spirit energy into it. He swiped, cutting down several foes in one swipe. Rika moved next, covering the slower attacks of her mentor, striking quickly, almost seeming to teleport from one attacker to the next. Her blade seemed to be charged with the spirit of ice, freezing opponents and causing them to break apart as she moved onto the next. The brothers worked as one as they were trained to do. Marc was faster and more skilled in offense, using a sword charged with magic and attacking savagely any that came into reach. Luca was stronger and more durable, instead using his magic to strengthen himself and his brother, waiting for those to come into reach before being smited with a massive magically charged hammer. The group fought together but the more they struck down it seemed two would take their place. Though each of them was gifted with both magic and combat there seemed to be no end to their opponents and they had no uses waiting for the powerful Spriters to fall and overtake them. Losses seemed like nothing to the androids and mutants, only the vile bidding of the dark force that drove them on seemed to weigh on their minds. “I do not think this is a conflict that we can win!” Rika called out as she continued to fight. “None are a match for us but we are but four against a thousand.” “They know we are up to something!” Paul agreed, swiping his massive sword and buying himself a little room to work. “They are here to stop us at all costs!” “If standing and fighting is not the answer then what is?” Marc demanded, fighting to hold his ground with his brother. “We must fall back into the keep!” Paul ordered. “The answers we seek are inside, as is our way forward!” “All of you fall back.” Luca shouted. “I will cover the retreat and I have an idea to buy us more time.” Without sharing more words, the others did as ordered, falling back into the stone fortress, deep into where it melded into the rock. Luca held up the rea, not allowing any android or mutant to get past him. When he reached the line of where the mountain began he raised his hammer up and then brought it down. The earth shook and it summoned a cave in between himself and the following horde. “It will take them some time to dig though.” Luca said as he turned to the others, the light of their magic weapons the only thing illuminating the halls. “Not as much time as we would like though I am afraid.” “We must see what we can salvage and move deeper into the mountain stronghold.” Paul commanded. “There is another way out of here and it will be a harrowing journey.” The group went to work, sizing up the stronghold and taking stock of what could be brought with them. They all knew the next journey would be long and the challenges profound but the group was dedicated to do it and fight back in any way they could. Soon they rejoined Paul, all pausing to hear the sound of the mutants digging to get in to the sanctum and finish their mission. Paul lead them on, knowing what he was looking for and hoping they could use it in time. Deep in the bottom of the stronghold was a stairway that seemed to lead to a dead end. There were rocks seeming like it had caved in centuries before. Paul walked down this stairwell and the rocks began to rise and re-shift, providing a passage just large enough for him and his companions, they went through and the rocks reformed behind him, obscuring their passage. “This will buy us a bit more time.” Paul replied. “Though I doubt it will take long for the dark force to sense what is here…if it doesn’t know already. Lights began to light up on the wall, illuminating a grand tunnel and a massive antechamber beyond. In the center of this chamber a massive black monolith stood. Paul reached out a hand and red runes of fire lit up along the dark surfaces. “Right where the ancient tomes said it would be.” Paul said with a wide grin. “This will open up to a realm that no Spriter has set foot in for quite some time.” The antechamber rumbled as if the very stone was breathing. Paul smiled, encouraged by the magic around him. “What is this place?” Marc asked. “Will it lead us to this Spriter Hammer you spoke of?” “Indeed.” Paul replied as she began to channel energy into the monolith. “This will lead to the realm of elder spirits.” “Ok I admit that me and my brother are a little green in this regard.” Marc replied. “But can you give us a bit of an explanation?” “They are ancient legends of the Spriters.” Rika explained. “Ones that not all of the sects teach or even still support. This world once was a chaotic ball of random violence, not living up to its full potential. The elder spirits found this world and saw within it the ability to be much, much more. They poured their magical energy, powers, and even their life forces into our world in the hopes to shape it into something better. This is how the first Spriters got their powers, gifted as guardians of the intent set forth by the elder spirits. We still hold in trust this mission and it is what the dark force and his armies wants to stop.” “We have learned similar.” Luca added. “Of the source of the powers of spirit and justice. But what of this hammer, what is it and how will it save us?” “The elder spirits gave much of themselves.” Rika continued. “They ceased to be beings that traveled the realms and the sources of our powers. We were as their children, their future. However, they knew there would be threats that the Spriters might not be so ready to face. For this they created a mighty hammer, a weapon of the elder spirits that could stand against any evil. Normally this weapon was too powerful to wield, only given to mankind in times of the most extreme need.” “This very much seems like that time.” Marc admitted. “How do we find it?” “We go to the home of the Elder spirits.” Paul admitted, his magic beginning to open up a portal, small at first but rapidly growing. We will journey into a realm far different from our own and petition the spirts that remain there that we are in the greatest need…we will bring back the hammer, rally the rest of the Spriters and end this war once and for all.” “Sounds like one hell of a challenge.” Marc admitted. “I am in.” Luca looked back the way they had come, the sounds of mutants and androids was now coming from the top of the stairs. “It seems like we have no choice either way. They will find a way down here soon enough.” “This is the last hope for the Spriters and mankind.” Rika admitted. “Go now!” Paul said as he focused on maintaining the portal. “I will stay here, maintaining the portal as long as I can. Time moves faster on the other side. I will not allow any beast to get through to the realm of the elder spirits so you must return with the hammer before I am forced to close it!” The others looked at each other and nodded in solidarity, jumping into the portal and the other world beyond.