Leadership Limelight: Tales of Credit and Blame

Leadership Limelight: Tales of Credit and Blame

The Monkey Manager was part of a technical project. He didn't enjoy his work and preferred to coast along without much effort.

During a particularly challenging task, another team member completed the work entirely. Despite attempts to reach out to the manager for assistance, the monkey claimed to be too busy to help, which wasn't true. When the task's successful results were celebrated across the company, the Monkey Manager took all the credit, failing to acknowledge the contributions of the other team members.

On another occasion, when a similar task ended in failure, the Monkey Manager blamed his team, accusing them of laziness and incompetence. He singled out each member, highlighting their supposed errors and faults.

To this day, the Monkey Manager remains unchanged - claiming all the glory for successes and shifting blame for failures onto his team.

Moral: A good leader stands by their team through both successes and failures, sharing credit and taking responsibility. They don't steal glory or evade accountability.

P.S. Based on a real characters!