Best Books

Fantasy worlds, endless stories, mystery planets, multi universe worlds..
The only limit is your imagination...

Space Riders


Endless races, mystery planets, deadly chases,illegal competitions.
The speed limit is broken...

Cosmic Discoveries


A team of adventurers chases legendary comet
beyond the known worlds.

Hunter's Island


Rumours state that there is an island for human hunt.
Dave finds himself as a prey.

Pax Mutanta

Epic fantasy

In another universe, a planet writhes in chaos.
Rival races fight for supremacy.

Best Stories

The record

Space Riders

Life is dangerous and the best prizes are worth the risk.
Can you really ignore the fear?

The invisible city

Cosmic Discoveries

Great, invisible town..a foolish crown. City of power and pleasure.
I want your treasure!

The dream

Pax Mutanta

Amid a devastation war, two armies prepare a formidable
battle. Which side will you take?

The tiger

Hunter's Island

Young man regains consciousness after a strange events at work.
Suddenly he becomes a prey.

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