The Manager's Hubris and the Reality of Estimation

The Manager's Hubris and the Reality of Estimation

A manager and one of his team members had to work during the weekend. The manager was notorious for his habit of humiliating and ridiculing his team.

That day, the developer has estimated to work for half a day. He informed the manager of his plans and the time required. The manager, with a smirk, claimed that he could complete the same task in just an hour, boasting about his past experience as a developer.

In a moment of quick thinking, the developer turned to his manager and said:

  • You seem wiser and more experienced than me. Please show me how this job can be done in just an hour.

Caught off guard, the cunning manager had to accept the challenge. After two hours of fruitless effort, he had to admit defeat, realizing he was not capable of completing the task.

Moral: Treat people with kindness and respect. Don't exploit your team with unrealistic expectations.

P.S. Based on a true story!